Over Capacity

What’s in store lays in the mic of the beholder. I’m not sure what people think when they see an artist on the rise. I’m definitely not falling down, actually that isn’t even an option. But people, the stress, the work, the endless nights, is more than overwhelming aside from everyone else in the world needing to chat. And when there is just no time, they assume ignorance, being ignored. No, we’re busy. Our album is more than just an album, its a transition, a state of mind, a release of all our stresses and upsides. Consider it our college exams. When we’re on the road, we’re on the road. Yes, we post photos of how happy we are cause thats the part of life we want to share with everyone. If a picture’s worth a thousand words maybe people should look into the other 500 they’re missing out on. No artist want to post about their discomforts. Continuously ruining our healthy lives to entertain others, to be that inspiration and that get away. If we’re in love, well lets just be honest… we’re in love. No one is seriously that blind, if you’re with someone who you know doesn’t love you than thats your problem. But judging them cause you truly think you know “what happens on tour”, well check yourself first.  I personally have to state, the number 1 rule of dating a musician or even loved on in general for that matter (family member, friend, etc) is “Don’t pick a fight with your loved one before a show.” You have no idea how injust it really is. How effective it can be, especially on the road. How it changes our very state of mind, literally ready to go back to the hotel and say fuck the show while we try to kindle the problem and our loved ones decide to turn their cells off or ignore our messages. And then there’s the other option, to leave the problem till later, to go through with the show and leave the cell in the hotel for the sake of not losing our insights. Which can be deemed the worst way ever to deal with a problem, but sometimes… its the only option left.  While the general population has their own dreams and chase them by going to school and educating themselves, let me remind you you all that this particular dream is the most stressful education of all, for there is no re taking this certain course. When we fail, we lose who we are.  Of course we want to be home with our families, of course we wish it made more money, hell most of us have full time jobs back home that kill our personalities just for the sake of affording both life and music together. Yes, we drink, yes, we party, welcome to the territory of appreciation. Fans, promoters and so on always want to pay back their greatfulness for your show with… well liquor or weed. It a notion, gratitude. These are the same people who go out of their way to post our music, our videos, the people who pay to see our shows, and the promoters who take us in as children and as a contract all at the same time. The people who truly understand, what its like … Take a moment to look into your own dreams, and its costs and how the world respects your steps. Cause this is far and few, this is mind blowing energy we continuously fight for. Without the support from loved ones, well, you could only imagine.


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Get the App!

New App up and running for your android or iphones! Keep updated on my weirdly appreciated life with free music, photos, show announcements, blogs and more! Bon Appetite… Or something like that.


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Why I rap.

Really? I’m fucked up, there are only so many sad ass country songs you can bang out on a guitar before your mind explodes and you start screaming. This world messes with me, so I yell at it instead of cry in a love song. Versatility is more than a range, is like a bi polar disease that you embrace.

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On tour with Choclair

Well, mini mini tour, but it’s been dope as hell. Myself, RoleModel and B’Lieve been bunkin it in a hotel together while Chox sleeps soundly in his room pretending that he’s holding his liquor but we all know whats up. For real, love these guys. Chox is just a stand up guy with one hell of a new album coming out, you seriously have no idea. RoleModel is my best friend and music companion, this is just a love you can’t divide, “Misery Loves Company” is on the speakers and we can’t wait to finally share it with everyone. Next stop in Lethbridge AB June 27 2013 for “Snapbacks and Throwbacks” Chuch.

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B'Lieve my brotha!

On the trill, love this man right here. One of the dopest artists coming out of Canada, watch out for our collabo “Awakened”. Catch us live on Thursday June 27th 2013 w/ RoleModel and Choclair in Lethbridge.

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Enter to win 2 FREE tickets to Pharoahe Monch live in Edmonton on Saturday May 4th 2013 with Nki-Louise and RoleModel simply by going to the Nki-Louise Lethal Combo fan page, http://www.facebook.com/NkiLouiseLethalCombo and hit like, and re-posting the photo you see below. Winner will be announced Friday! See you soon!

Pharoahe Monch live in Edmonton

“Grow Old”

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Hey everyone! We’re earning more and more for World Vision everyday. For $1.12 you can buy a copy of “Great Love, No Hate” produced by Yn Yasu from Tokyo Japan right on the Nki Louise reverbnation site, 50% of all sales go to World Vision. As well, it doesn’t stop there, EVERYTHING else on the page is FREE for download including my mp3 album release of “What Did You Expect” Hit the link for more info, Love and Blessings!



Big KushLife clothing sale today! Hit the page for more info, as well to find out how to win a FREE tee! https://www.facebook.com/KushLifeTO


Huge shout outs to Yung Kazh (Battle Axe) for featuring me on his set moments before Swollen Members on their “Beautiful Death Machine” tour. What a wild night, sold out concert and one hell of a crowd.